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Sycode has released 12 data exchange add-ins for Keycreator, Kubotek’s flagship 3D direct modelling product.

The add-ins will allow for direct communication between Keycreator and data files such as Rhinoceros 3DM, 3D Studio 3DS, Sketchup SKP and visualisation toolkit VTK.

‘Sycode recently became a Kubotek solution partner with the intention of enhancing Keycreator’s data exchange capabilities,’ said Deelip Menezes, Founder and chief executive of Sycode.

‘This partnership will help us work more closely with Kubotek’s technical team in order to develop solutions that extend Keycreator’s capabilities, not just in the data exchange, but also in other areas such as reverse engineering and rapid prototyping,’ he added.

The 12 data exchange add-ins that are being released include eight import and four export add-ins.

The import add-ins are: 3DM Import for Keycreator – Rhinoceros 3DM file import add-in; 3DS Import for Keycreator – 3D Studio 3DS file import add-in; NC Import for Keycreator – Numeric Control NC program file import add-in; OBJ Import for Keycreator – Wavefront OBJ file import add-in; PIX Import for Keycreator – Dr Picza PIX file import add-in; PLT Import for Keycreator – HPGL Plot file import add-in; SKP Import for Keycreator – Sketchup SKP file import add-in; and VTK Import for Keycreator – visualisation toolkit VTK file import add-in.

The export add-ins are: 3DM Export for Keycreator – Rhinoceros 3DM file export add-in; 3DS Export for Keycreator – 3D Studio 3DS file export add-in; SKP Export for Keycreator – Sketchup SKP file export add-in; and VTK Export for Keycreator – visualisation toolkit VTK file export add-in.

The import and export add-ins are designed to work with Keycreator Version 8.5 and have also been tested with the upcoming Keycreator Version 9.

Each product comes with an installer and detailed documentation in the form of a compiled HTML help file, which contains a step-by-step tutorial to get the end user started in the shortest possible time.

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