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Sycode has announced the launch of TerrainCAD for Bricscad: a terrain modelling plug-in

TerrainCAD for Bricscad can read a set of points from a text file and create point objects in a Bricscad drawing.

It can then triangulate these points using a fast and robust Delaunay Triangulation Algorithm to obtain a terrain mesh.

The plug-in triangulates the area between contours and is intended to give the user the freedom to add breaklines to control the topology of the resulting terrain mesh.

Another feature of Terraincad for Bricscad is its ability to solidify a terrain mesh by giving it thickness.

It also has a command to calculate the mass properties of a mesh, such as volume and surface area.

TerrainCAD for Bricscad is designed to work with the professional as well as classic version of Bricscad V8 and V9.

Priced at USD195 (GBP137), the plug-in is available as a fully functional 10-day/run trial.

It comes with an installer and documentation in the form of a compiled HTML help file that contains a step-by-step tutorial to get the end user started in the shortest possible time.

Deelip Menezes, founder and chief executive officer of Sycode, said: ‘Bricscad is steadily increasing its footprint in the Architecture Engineering and Construction [AEC] industry.

‘All AEC projects begin with a survey that yields a set of points and/or contours.

‘As a first step, it is important to convert these survey points and contours into a 3D terrain mesh that accurately describes the topology of the land under study.

‘With our TerrainCAD plug-in, Bricscad users will be able to create accurate terrain meshes from survey points and contours and refine it using breaklines,’ he added.

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