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Syfer Technology has announced additions to its UL- and TUV-approved surge and safety capacitor product ranges.

Chris Noade, marketing manager at Syfer, said: ‘The main reason for the UL and TUV approvals is that if there was a malfunction and the capacitors were to fail, there would be a risk of someone receiving a potentially fatal electric shock.

‘The approvals are there to guarantee that the capacitors meet the relevant safety specifications.’ He added: ‘The demand for our products has been stimulated by a general trend in the industry for moving from leaded film capacitors in these applications to surface mount MLCCs, which are smaller and easier to assemble to pcbs.’ The Surge Protection (SP) family of Class Y2/X1 devices includes TUV-approved ranges from 2.7nF to 3.3nF capacitance, in the 2215 case size and X7R dielectric.

Higher capacitance additions, up to 2.2nF, extend the X7R dielectric Y2/X1 SP range in the 2210 package and the Y3/X2 class device in 1808 case size.

UL/CSA approval is also available to the NWGQ2/NWGQ8 classification.

The parts are suited for use in mains-based telecommunications equipment and increasingly in consumer-oriented multimedia, and other multifunction applications susceptible to over-voltage surges.

Syfer’s SP range of surge protection capacitors are fully approved and certified by TUV and meet the electrical specifications of IEC60384-1.

The capacitors have been designed specifically for use in equipment specified to IEC60950.

Syfer’s full range of surge protection capacitors is available with Flexicap terminations.

Flexicap termination material, developed by Syfer, provides improved resistance to the risk of mechanical stress cracking.

Flexicap is applied to the MLCC termination areas underneath the nickel barrier coating and tin-plated finish.

For designers requiring the higher stability C0G/NP0 dielectric, Syfer’s 1808 PY2 series with a capacitance range from 4.7 to 220pF adds UL approval to the existing TUV Y2/X1 approval.

UL approval to NWGQ2 / NWGQ8 has also been gained for the X7R dielectric versions in the same package size, with capacitance ranging from 150pF to 1nF.

If higher capacitance devices are required, Syfer offers UL-approved versions of the PY2 range in the 1812 case size, delivering capacitance ranges of 4.7pF to 470pF (C0G/NP0) and 150pF to 1nF (X7R).

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