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Symetix has introduced the Impulse/P for tablets, a high-capacity grader designed specifically for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers and contract packers.

The Impulse/P grader features a wider footprint and new screen design on the decks to effectively remove broken tablets and fragments at production rates of up to 1,000,000 tablets per hour.

Like Impulse/P for softgels, Impulse/P for tablets is said to maximise product quality while reducing labour costs.

Size grading oblong tablets that are coated or uncoated, Impulse/P removes at least 90 per cent of broken tablets while limiting the loss of good tablets to 0.15 per cent or less.

Positioned prior to packaging, Impulse/P reduces the occurrence of broken tablets in the final bottle or blister pack.

It allows high-speed fillers to run at maximum efficiency by minimising packages that are rejected because they contain broken tablets, according to Jon Donovan, product manager at Symetix An Impulse/P size grader can be configured as a two-deck or three-deck system, depending on the needs of the application.

On the two-deck system, the upper deck removes broken tablets and fragments, and the lower deck recovers usable tablets.

The three-deck system achieves the same results in addition to removing twins.

The decks are removable – each tablet length to be graded has a corresponding set of dedicated decks, ensuring repeatable grading.

Impulse/P can be cleared, cleaned and changed over in only five minutes.

Users simply wipe down the stainless steel bed, snap the decks that handle the new tablet size in place and begin production.

Designed for ease of use, Impulse/P has a standalone control panel with an intuitive touch-screen user interface.

Featuring a large infeed hopper and an electronically controlled infeed fate, Impulse/P can be easily integrated with upstream and/or downstream equipment or used as a standalone size grader handling batches.

The customer can batch-feed the bulk-to-bulk Impulse/P and later integrate the size grader with other continuous processes.

If feeding an optical inspection system such as Symetix’s Verisym, an Impulse/P can be used to remove tablet fragments and twins since the Verisym will remove broken tablets as well as other defects such as stained tablets, missing coating and foreigners, which are detected by inspecting the product’s colour, size and shape.

Based on Key Technology’s Impulse electromagnetic shakers, which Symetix has redesigned specifically for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, Impulse/P features no sliding or rotating parts to wear.

The oil-free electromagnetic drive is quiet and has no moving parts.

In addition to gentle product handling and high throughput, Impulse/P is said to offer good service life and low maintenance.

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