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SynaptiCAD has introduced version 14 of its timing diagram editors: Waveformer Pro, Timing Diagrammer Pro and Data Sheet Pro.

Dozens of new features have been added, including support for Xilinx post-route timing files, sampled analogue signals, and memory optimisations to handle waveform files with more than one million signals.

SynaptiCAD has also improved its free waveform viewer.

SynaptiCAD’s timing diagram editors support FPGA-based designs by providing a method to import post-route timing information and calculate complex timing for the most advanced chips.

The timing diagram editor provides designers with a natural interface for analysing critical timing paths inside their FPGA design.

The timing diagram editors also support delay correlation groups to take into account the fact that delay variation within any particular IC will be more tightly grouped than delays over the same types of ICs.

Using correlation groups helps designers recognise when it is possible to meet timing specification, even when traditional min/max timing analysis shows an overly pessimistic analysis.

SynaptiCAD’s timing diagram editors support mixed analogue and digital waveform viewing, export to Spice formats, import of analogue waveform data and creation of analogue signals.

Version 14 enhances analogue waveform creation by adding support for exponential waveform creation and by providing a method of creating ‘sampled’ analogue waveforms.

When using one of the built-in analogue waveform equations (for example sine, capacitor, ramp or exponential) to generate an analogue equation, the designer can set a sampling period for all newly generated analogue signals.

SynaptiCAD’s timing diagram editors, the free Waveviewer waveform viewer, and Gigawave optimise memory usage to handle very large waveform files with more than one million signals without slowing down.

It is often difficult to find relevant waveform information from data that is created by long Verilog or VHDL simulations.

SynaptiCAD’s interface lets the user selectively view signals and timing periods and compare different waveform files.

Datasheet Pro supports multiple views of a single timing diagram.

Datasheet Pro users can create views of a diagram, then use the views to jump to particular sections of the diagram or zoom levels.

This feature captures the current zoom and scroll levels and automatically displays that position in the diagram.

Views can also be used to create different images of the same timing diagram.

SynaptiCAD has three levels of editors, allowing the user to select the best price/feature set for their application.

Timing Diagrammer Pro is a timing diagram editor with full timing analysis features.

It supports both digital and analogue waveforms.

Waveformer Pro adds simulated signal support to make drawing timing diagrams faster and more accurate.

It also can import and export to many formats including VHDL, Verilog, Spice, logic analysers and pattern generators.

And Datasheet Pro, SynaptiCAD’s top-of-the-line editor, adds support for managing large numbers of timing diagrams, including multiple timing diagram windows, multiple print views and style sheets for uniform appearance.

Waveformer Pro, Timing Diagrammer Pro and Datasheet Pro are available on Linux, Solaris and Windows.

Perpetual licences start as low as USD1,725 (GBP1,034) in a node-locked configuration.

Time-based licences are also available.

Waveviewer is a free waveform viewer capable of displaying results of analogue and digital simulations as well as waveforms acquired from test equipment.

The Gigawave option can be added to any of the products to boost the performance for very large files.

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