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Leroy-Somer has incorporated its technology into LSRPM, a series of permanent-magnet synchronous motors.

The magnet rotor increases efficiency by almost 10 per cent to levels approaching 98 per cent, with a size reduction of 50 per cent.

This type of motor is intended for applications for which electricity consumption is high and continuous.

This means that in a large number of cases the time to return on investment for replacement of an asynchronous motor by LSRPM will be less than one year.

As motors account for more than 70 per cent of the electrical energy consumed in industry, the LSRPM product line also contributes to the essential objectives of CO2 emission reduction.

LSRPM is part of the Dyneo range and brings together all of Leroy-Somer’s variable-speed controller and permanent-magnet synchronous motor solutions.

The performance of LSRPM is based on radial-magnet rotor technology that enables efficiencies of about 98 per cent to be achieved and increases the power-to-weight ratio of the motor.

The Dyneo solution with a 260kW (without derating) LSRPM 280 MD permanent-magnet synchronous motor achieves an efficiency under variable-speed control of 97.6 per cent over a speed range from 0 to 3000 min-1.

The energy saving exceeds 4000/year and the weight of the motor is reduced from 900 to 380kg.

The mechanical systems of the LSRPM series have IEC IP55-rated enclosures.

The characteristics of the range are: power 0.75 to 400kW; torque 1 to 1400Nm; speed 1 to 5500 min-1; shaft height 90 to 315mm.

With guaranteed torque over wide speed ranges, without derating or forced ventilation, LSRPM is also effective for applications demanding high torque at high speeds.

The LSRPM motor is designed to run faster than an asynchronous motor, enabling the motor speed to be matched to the speed of the machine being driven, eliminating transmission components such as step-up gearboxes; and increased performance of the machine being driven, by increasing its speed.

The LSRPM’s compactness allows for reduced size of the chassis supporting the motor and of the client machine, onsite installation of the motor, simpler lifting gear and lower transport costs.

The modularity of the LSRPM series, freestanding configuration, or flanged with plain or tapped holes, and other options, facilitate the replacement of installed conventional motors.

The low losses of the magnet-rotor technology limit winding heating, reducing the frequency of bearing lubrication and lengthening motor life.

The fields of application for LSRPM motors include: pumping, ventilation, compression, conveyors, extrusion, processes and generators.

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