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Synqor has announced the release of its Mil-COTS 28 series of isolated DC/DC converters, expanding its Milqor offerings for the military and aerospace industries.

These off-the-shelf converters operate continuously from an input voltage of 16V to 40V and will withstand 50V transients for up to one second, meeting MIL-STD-704D input-voltage-range requirements.

Designed for cost-sensitive Mil-COTS applications, these encased packages are designed to ensure survivability in demanding environments.

Synqor uses its synchronous rectification technology to provide high-efficiency converters that are designed and manufactured to comply with a range of military standards.

The high-power-density half-brick, quarter-brick and sixteenth-brick packages are fully encased and have industry-standard footprints and pin-out configurations.

Although these efficient designs do not require a heatsink, the encased package will accommodate standard DC/DC converter heatsinks.

A flanged base-plate version is also available.

The Mil-COTS 28 series undergoes stringent qualification and characterisation, with full component traceability and part serialisation, and is designed to conservative component derating guidelines.

These converters are available in two options: an S-Grade or a more extensive M-Grade screening.

Fourteen output voltages from 1.2V to 50V have an adjustable trim from +10 per cent to -20 per cent (+/-10 per cent for the sixteenth-brick package) to meet numerous application requirements.

The fixed switching frequency design yields predictable EMI filtering and, when used in conjunction with a Mil-COTS EMI filter, differential-mode noise is attenuated by more than 80dB and common-mode noise is attenuated by more than 36dB.

Protection features include input under-voltage lockout, output current limit and short-circuit protection, active back-bias limit, output over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown.

All models have at least a 2,250VDC isolation rating between input and output and are rated with meantime-between-failure values in excess of 1MHrs at a base-plate temperature of +70C.

The Mil-COTS 28 series of products is available immediately from stock for evaluation and qualification.

Production quantities are available with 12-week lead times, depending upon volumes.

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