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Harvard Apparatus has launched the PHD Ultra Nanomite syringe pump featuring foot-pedal activation for hands-free injections.

The syringe pump is described as lightweight and easy to hold, and user-defined methods can be called up with the touch of the LCD touch screen.

This feature enables new operators to easily retrieve and run any pre-defined delivery method, enhancing injection repeatability and reducing the likelihood of user error.

Although designed for fast bolus infusions, with high accuracy and precision, the PHD Ultra Nanomite can easily deliver low nano-litre up to tens of ml/min injections with good performance, particularly when combined with Harvard Apparatus micro needles as small as 37-gauge.

The PHD Ultra has flow ramping capability for superior spatially continuous volume injections into organs, muscle tissue, cells and neurons with minimal physiological impact.

Harvard Apparatus also has electrofusion, femtomole cell injectors and ventilation and anaesthesia products to advance researchers’ cell and tissue engineering experimentation.

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