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ABB has announced that its extended automation System 800xA has passed a technical evaluation by Shell Global Solutions for potential future use in the oil company’s projects worldwide.

Shell tested the System 800xA core system as well as its integrated System 800xA High Integrity safety instrumented system (SIS).

The technical assessment process takes almost one year and documents the product’s ability to perform against Shell’s detailed technical specifications.

It also examines the system supplier’s project execution capabilities.

As a result of the evaluation, ABB has been approved for use in Shell as a MAC/DCS supplier for System 800xA and System 800xA High Integrity SIS.

Audun Gjerde from Shell Global Solutions said: ‘ABB’s System 800xA performed very well in a wide range of simulated operating conditions during our assessment.

‘We found that it can integrate multiple systems and processes, while maintaining a high level of system security and process safety,’ Gjerde added.

Shell’s evaluation noted several strengths for System 800xA, including its ability to integrate process and power automation on a single platform with related integration and control of IEC61850 devices.

This capability further enhances System 800xA’s fully integrated power management capability, and the ability to remotely access and control switchgear.

This reduces commissioning time, while allowing for faster online modifications during operation.

System 800xA’s ability to integrate multiple control and other plant systems, to enable control of several plants from one central location, was another key capability cited in the evaluation.

Integral asset monitors provide constant visibility to the operations personnel, thereby reducing downtime through the use of intelligent field and electrical devices.

One of the major advantages of this capability is the reduced cost associated with reduced maintenance schedules.

System 800xA’s engineering tools were also noted as strengths.

These tools promote consistency, reuse and redeployment of engineering configurations and strategies across numerous projects, as well as maintainability of delivered systems throughout the entire lifecycle.

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