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Aqueous Technologies has introduced the Trident Oneshot, designed to provide automatic cleaning (de-fluxing), cleanliness testing and drying of post-reflow circuit assemblies.

The system provides the same cleaning, cleanliness testing and drying performance of the Trident III Series at almost half of the cost.

Trident Oneshot is equipped with a 16in touch-screen interface, shadow-reducing focus-wash technology, unlimited recipe quantities, Windows PC control platform, networking capabilities and real-time cleanliness testing.

Optional barcode scanning and SQL database searches enable SPC data storage and recovery.

Trident Oneshot is capable of removing all flux/paste residues from any alloy and is designed to use a selection of pre-dosed defluxing chemistries.

Users simply add the contents of the pre-measured chemistry into the system, close the door and press the button.

The boards will be cleaned, cleanliness tested and dried in less than 30min.

Trident Oneshot may be operated with a variety of pre-dosed chemical additives or in a water-only configuration as the application allows.

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