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Severn Trent Services-Apliclor has installed Spain’s first-ever combined ultraviolet and chlorine-dioxide disinfection treatment at a wastewater-treatment plant in Reus.

The disinfection system uses Microdynamics microwave ultraviolet (UV) technology, combined with Aquadiox chlorine-dioxide generators, to provide effective and cost-efficient treatment of wastewater for variety of reuse applications, reducing the plant’s effluent-discharge volume.

The plant, which serves the wastewater-treatment needs of communities in the province of Tarragona, has a treatment capacity of 25,000m3/day.

The Microdynamics system uses microwave energy to energise UV lamps, generating consistent-strength disinfection.

The system offers extended bulb life and reliability, operating cost savings and health and safety benefits for employees on site.

The Microdynamics system uses the Micropace control system for real-time flow pacing, reducing energy requirements and delivering cost efficiencies.

The Aquadiox chlorine-dioxide generator will produce chlorine dioxide on site to provide residual disinfection, preventing bacteria from forming in the plant’s distribution network.

This alternative disinfection method uses sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to generate the chlorine-dioxide solution.

One of the benefits of using chlorine-dioxide disinfection is that it reacts less with organic matter present in the distribution network, eliminating odours and minimising the formation of Trihalomethanes.

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