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Dialog Semiconductor has launched a single-chip system companion IC to optimise the power efficiency of embedded applications using the Intel Atom E6xx processor (formerly codenamed Tunnel Creek).

The DA6011 system companion chip integrates power management and clock driver functions and was designed in conjunction with the company’s Processor Partner Programme.

It was demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, where the Intel Atom E6xx series processor was also unveiled.

At IDF, Dialog jointly demonstrated its DA6011, which is already sampling, running on Congatec’s business-card-sized embedded PC, the Conga-QA6, which is based on the Intel Atom E6xx series processor.

The Dialog IC manages the complete start-up, state-transitioning and power-down procedures on Intel Atom E6xx series-based processor platforms.

It operates autonomously and reduces the overall system power consumption when going into standby or power-down mode.

The flexible state-machine implementation is designed to control the Intel Atom E6xx series processor platforms and input/output (I/O) hubs from Intel (Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T), OKI Semiconductor (ML7223/ML7213) and ST Microelectronics (Connext STA2X11).

With its high level of integration, the DA6011 cuts development time for Intel Atom E6xx series-based processor designs.

It also improves battery life, simplifies design, enhances system reliability, requires less than half the board space and reduces the bill of materials (BOM) when compared with using a discrete power management solution, according to the company.

Improving on previous generations of the Intel Atom processor, the Intel Atom E6xx series processor integrates a memory controller and graphical video display with the central processing unit (CPU).

The device also adopts the open PCI Express interface, enabling third-party companies to create compliant devices that directly connect to the chip and delivering an excellent level of I/O flexibility for embedded computing devices.

‘Our second-generation DA6011 companion IC, together with the Intel Atom E6xx series processor, is ideally suited to the demands of embedded applications such as automotive infotainment systems, industrial automation, embedded PCs, IP media phones and also portable devices,’ said Jurgen Friedel, vice-president and general manager of Dialog’s automotive and industrial business unit.

Jonathan Luse, marketing director of the low-power embedded products division at Intel, added: ‘Our customers, particularly those in the automotive and portable markets, need to create high-performance devices that run cooler for longer.

‘Pairing the Intel Atom E6xx series processor and the DA6011 means designers have more options when creating extremely power-efficient solutions to address a variety of embedded market segments,’ he said.

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