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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of a solution for the preparation of ferrous metals samples for optical emission and X-ray fluorescence.

The solution integrates the Haas Mini Mill milling machine from Haas with the Thermo Scientific ARL Prepcontrol automation extension.

Combining the power of a robust, rapid and flexible milling machine with the ARL Prepcontrol automation system, the solution addresses the requirements of modern process control laboratories for high-quality, reproducible and reliable ferrous metals sample preparation.

The Haas Mini Mill with ARL Prepcontrol produces the high-quality and reproducible prepared sample surfaces required for spectrometer analysis.

With samples and standards introduced manually via the front door, it facilitates a semi-automatic operation.

Additionally, the system can be easily integrated with automated Thermo Scientific ARL metals analysers and XRF spectrometers without the need for any modifications for entirely unattended, reliable and fast sample preparation and analysis.

The Haas Mini Mill with ARL Prepcontrol complies with stringent international safety and design standards.

It yields high robustness and damping to resist vibrations and maximise cutting tips lifetime at high speed while reducing sample-preparation time.

The system is a true three-axes milling machine designed for the mass production of precision pieces and long life in a 24/7 non-stop operation.

With speeds of up to 6,000rpm, the direct drive spindle of the system provides optimal torque at low-end speeds for milling iron and steel.

In addition, the rapid traverse rates of Haas brushless motors (up to 15.2m/min) enable users to reduce response times and increase throughput.

An ultra-fast and reliable umbrella tool changer with a storage capacity of up to 10 milling heads performs changes in five seconds, reducing maintenance interventions as milling heads can be automatically changed after a user-defined number of production samples and standards have been processed.

This choice of milling heads optimises the milling process for specific material qualities, while the fast de-burring of thick or thin standards ensures high-quality prepared surfaces.

The Thermo Scientific ARL Prepcontrol is a complete Haas Mini Mill automation extension, comprising a Siemens S7 programmable logic controller (PLC) with a movable colour touch screen as user interface and the ARL Easyprep software for setting up and modifying preparation programs quickly and without the need for CNC programming.

The solution also incorporates a sample clamping vice fixed on the Haas Mini Mill XY table and a sample surface positioning system using a fast sample height measurement device.

Fully automatic operation is achieved under the control of the Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-2500/3500 automation system using industrial robots for sample handling and providing for direct sample loading and unloading via a separate side door.

The Thermo Scientific portfolio of sample-preparation solutions has been designed to meet the requirements of demanding applications.

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