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Yokogawa Electric has developed Prosafe-RS R3.01, an enhanced version of the Prosafe-RS safety instrumented system that is used to ensure the safety of plant operations in the oil and gas industries.

Prosafe-RS R3.01 features input modules that can directly receive voltage signals from temperature sensors, as well as software that restricts the operations performed by individual engineers and records a log on their activities.

In addition, new compact terminal boards have been developed for use with the Prosafe-RS safety instrumented system.

The compact terminal boards will be released in June and Prosafe-RS R3.01 will be released in July.

To help companies provide a safe workplace, Yokogawa has developed new modules and terminal boards that are claimed to be reliable and compact, and software that improves operational safety.

Yokogawa has made many other enhancements, which can be found below.

First, temperature direct input modules receive signals from millivolt, thermocouple and real-time display (RTD) sensors.

In contrast to conventional modules, these modules do not require a signal converter to process the voltage signals from a temperature sensor and this enables a more compact design.

These SIL3-certified modules are designed to provide highly reliable temperature monitoring.

Second, access control and operation history management software restricts the operations that can be performed by the individual engineers who are operating the Prosafe-RS safety instrumented system, and records a log of their activities.

This makes it easy to identify the causes of problems and is particularly useful in plants that have a large engineering workforce.

Third, compact DIN-rail-mounted terminal boards that connect to cables from field devices are approximately 60 per cent smaller than the company’s previous terminal boards.

These new boards can be installed either horizontally or vertically, allowing for the most effective use of available space.

Target markets include process control and operation management in the oil, natural gas, petrochemical and other process industries.

Applications include systems for emergency plant shutdown, fire prevention/fighting and burner management.

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