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Elysium has announced the upcoming release of Asfalis K2, a powerful system for managing 3D data distribution in the manufacturing industries.

Asfalis performs three critical functions that can increase the efficiency of 3D model distribution: data-translation automation; data-distribution record keeping and assembly-configuration management.

It allows document-control specialists to set up profile cards for each supplier that include all information about the suppliers’ 3D model needs, such as CAD system brands and release levels, the supplier’s requirements for metadata such as part numbers, release levels and dates, and the data recipient’s name and address.

When a manufacturer submits product models to Asfalis, along with the name of the target supplier, the system automatically checks the input data for errors, performs the translation and validates the translated data quality.

Elysium’s system also records all translations with date stamps and keeps copies of all files.

This data store enables customers to know what they sent to each supplier and when.

If there is doubt about the quality of the original models, customers can check them.

The system enables workers to search records by CAD attributes and quickly compare original and revised models.

Asfalis K2 also supports incremental translation so that when only a few parts in a complex assembly are revised, only the parts that have changed need be translated again.

It allows manufacturers to configure assemblies using parts from multiple CAD systems.

For example, parts from Parametric Technology’s Pro/Engineer and Dassault Systemes’ Solidworks can be combined in a Siemens NX assembly and delivered to a supplier or customer who uses NX.

Asfalis K2 can be simply configured to support a variety of popular CAD software.

Translation software that comes with most desktop CAD packages requires engineers and designers to remember which data formats are applicable, what models have been translated and when.

By automating these administrative processes, Asfalis eliminates common errors that can raise costs if parts are manufactured incorrectly.

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