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Sensotech has introduced the Liquisonic Plato 30 system, which precisely measures the concentration of the original gravity levels in beer.

According to the company, the system can help to improve the quality and to save costs when separating the forerunning and last running of filtrated beer as well as when dosing the forerunning and last running beer in the unfiltrate.

If the original gravity is measured when starting the operation, for example, the required minimum original gravity can be detected exactly so that several hectolitres can be saved.

The Liquisonic Plato 30 consists of a maximum of four sensors and one controller.

Generally, breweries install one sensor respectively in the unfiltrate and after filtration or carbonation.

These sensors are made of stainless steel, work maintenance free and meet the requirements of hygienic and bypass-free installation conditions.

The controller analyses and visualises the measuring data.

After the installation of the measuring system, the controller displays the determined concentration of the original gravity.

The available trend chart enables the user to follow start-up and shutdown processes.

With the integrated logbook, it is possible to store more than 15,000 datasets and further processes can be analysed afterwards.

All data can be exchanged with a higher-level system via analogue and digital outputs.

The controller can be integrated via Profibus DP, for example, in automation processes.

In addition to the transfer of process values, Profibus allows the user to switch over product datasets for all sensors.


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