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PMC-Sierra has launched a 40Gb/s System-on-Chip (SoC) solution for coherent optical networking.

The PM6373 Polo 40G’s technology enables volume deployments of 40Gb/s coherent for metro, regional and long-haul network build-outs.

This advanced SoC architecture doubles line-card density and reduces power consumption by more than 50 per cent when compared with 40G non-coherent network deployments.

The Polo 40G allows carriers to address the enormous growth in video and mobile data traffic, and enables them to reduce capital and operating expenses by deploying 40Gb/s bandwidth using existing fibre plant.

PMC-Sierra’s combination of high-performance mixed-signal, digital signal processing (DSP), analogue-to-digital convertor (ADC), OTN framing and Swizzle Forward Error Correction (FEC) SoC architecture digitally compensates for optical impairments and improves optical performance by more than 2dB for an additional 25 per cent fibre-reach extension, which lowers the cost of transmission.

PMC-Sierra’s Polo 40G has elevated coherent networking to a high level of integration to meet industry demand for increased fibre-transmission rates beyond 10Gb/s.

Polo 40G allows carriers to dramatically lower capital costs by eliminating widely deployed optical equipment such as dispersion compensation management (DCM), dispersion compensated fibre (DCF) and the hands-on operational cost of tuning and managing this equipment.

With this solution, OEM line cards can transition from today’s two- or three-slot implementations to single-slot.

As a result, Carriers can more than double faceplate density and reduce power consumption by 50 per cent, as line-card-tuneable dispersion compensators (TCMs) are no longer required.

Polo 40G is a single-chip CMOS coherent DP-(D)QPSK transmission transceiver that delivers the full set of compensation capabilities, including chromatic dispersion (CD), polarisation mode dispersion (PMD), second order PMD (SOP) and high-rate polarisation tracking, among others.

The platform provides an SFI 5.1 client interface and a fully OIF-compliant line side DP-(D)QPSK interface that seamlessly integrate into MSA optical modules and onto a line card with next-generation CFP2 optical modules.

Polo 40G also incorporates flash ADC technology with background calibration to maintain operating performance in demanding carrier environments.

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