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Vega Controls has used non-contact radar technology to optimise the cooling process on a clinker bed.

In a cement works, the clinker is discharged from a rotary kiln and then cooled on a moving grate by passing air through it.

The speed of the feed rate and air flow regulates the cooling process.

The thickness of the clinker bed is often measured indirectly by temperature probes or back pressure of air flow.

A rise in temperature or back pressure is usually proportional to the clinker bed thickness, but it can be due to changing material size.

The grid speed and the flow of the cooling fans are adjusted to optimise the cooling process.

Changing material size, high temperatures and dusty atmosphere make these measurements very challenging to keep consistent.

Air-flow and air-pressure measurements in the cooler are made respectively by differential pressure mounted on orifice plates and ceramic cell pressure transmitters.

In addition to this pressure measurement, a high-sensitivity radar level sensor can also be used to directly measure the thickness of clinker bed and improve the efficiency of the cooling air control.

The radar is mounted above the cooler, with a bent antenna extension and integrated cooling air-purge system to protect the electronics against high temperatures and keep build-up out of the antenna.

The radar antenna generates millions of very short 1 nanosecond microwave pulses every second.

Each pulse is transmitted to and reflected from a product surface.

The elapsed time period between transmission and reception of the signal at the speed of light is measured and calculated as a distance.

This continuous stream of pulses gives real-time level information updated and evaluated many times a second.

Microwaves are unaffected by temperature, pressure, air movement and virtually all vapours, dust or gases.

Ceramic pressure transmitters are very robust against abrasion by dust particles.

Benefits of using non-contact radar in this type of application: direct measurement – independent of particle size and product temperature (radar sensor); universal set-up for all level and pressure transmitters; radar sensor antenna has integral cooling/cleaning; and flush ceramic pressure transmitters are more robust and abrasion resistant.

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