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Powermaster has launched an integrated water and energy management system (IWEMS) that is said to reduce electricity consumption and the associated chemicals costs in a pool or spa by 70 per cent.

IWEMS also provides web-based remote monitoring for optimal tuning of system parameters and accurate reporting of performance, energy saving and fault detection.

The system can automatically regulate pump speeds in accordance with the number of bathers in the pool.

Existing installations have shown potential savings up to 70 per cent of electrical energy together with 30 per cent of chemical costs.

A typical application will see 50 per cent savings in power alone as well as the resultant carbon emission reductions.

Using IWEMS the motor speed in pumps and air-handling units is controlled via variable speed drives.

As a result, the system can make real-time adjustments to maximise energy efficiency.

This means air-handling units and pool pumps are automatically optimised according to their running requirements, leading to significant energy savings.

For example, were pump speed reduced to an average 70 per cent of full capacity, this would reduce power consumption by 73 per cent, saving significant sums and reducing carbon emissions.

For swimming pools that already incorporate variable speed drives in their control systems, IWEMS is the next step.

Powermaster can also provide variable speed drive specification and installation for those that do not.

Furthermore, the circulation of water using filtration pumps is crucial for safe and efficient pool water management.

As a result, IWEMS also monitors a variety of functions including injecting and mixing water treatment chemicals, such as chlorine and pH correctants, and heating the pool and distributing heated water within it.

When water quality exceeds a pre-defined threshold, pump speed can be reduced.

This saves both electricity and chemical costs because chemical dosing and control is linked directly to pump speed.

IWEMS can also be used to manage UV treatment systems, creating further savings in both energy and maintenance by prolonging pump life.

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