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Moody Systems has developed a water saver system to help companies recover and recycle process water and reduce operating costs.

Processes such as homogeniser cooling, pump seal lubrication, some separator applications and vacuum pumps all need high volumes of water for as long as the process is running.

In these instances, though the use of water cannot be avoided, a Moody Systems Watersaver can help stop waste of this commodity.

Process water that would otherwise be pumped down the drain is routed through the water saver, cooled and recycled back to the process unless it is dirty, in which case it triggers an alarm and is automatically routed to drain.

The system automatically tops itself up from a local supply if required.

The automatic unit, designed and built according to individual factory or plant requirements, can save tens of thousands of pounds every year.

It is available on a lease/purchase basis, so no capital expenditure is required, and can be installed and start paying for itself immediately.

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