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At Maintec 2011, Thermal Energy International will be unveiling its modified range of Flu-Ace systems, which provide heat recovery and emission control in one package.

Flu-Ace systems will be available in a broader range of sizes and are aimed at processing companies and institutions with CHP waste heat boilers and traditional industrial boiler systems wishing to take advantage of the economic and environmental savings provided by recovering large amounts of lost heat and energy from the boiler exhaust.

By installing Flu-Ace equipment, customers can realise 90-95 per cent efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Savings can also be made with CHP systems, with the Flu-Ace providing even greater efficiencies of, in some cases, up to 100 per cent.

Flu-Ace effectively converts an industrial boiler into a condensing boiler, recovering waste heat to make hot water.

During the boiler operation, water enters the top inlet of the economiser and is sprayed over the heat-transfer media.

Simultaneously, boiler flue gas is directed to the flue gas inlet at the base of the economiser.

Cold water, for example from the boiler feed water supply, travels from the spray nozzle to counter-flow from the rising flue gas through the stainless-steel transfer media.

As the water droplets travel through the media, the hot flue gas rises to the top of the economiser, directly contacting and preheating the water.

Used on its own or with an indirect economiser, water temperatures of up to 120C can be achieved, while exhaust temperatures are reduced, often to around 25C.

A single Flu-Ace can handle a varying flow of flue gases emitted from multiple boiler exhausts, resulting in a lower initial investment, cheaper operating costs and a higher potential return on investment.

The Flu-Ace unit’s internal structure ensures maximum condensing heat and mass transfer.

It also enables an unobstructed flow of liquids and gases through the tower, providing continuous operation.

Thermal Energy International will have a Flu-Ace model displayed on its stand, which will enable visitors to Maintec to obtain a greater knowledge of the system and how it works.

Thermal Energy International Inc is an innovative technology company providing custom energy and emission reduction solutions. Our award-winning energy recovery, conservation and bioenergy solutions provide significant financial and environmental benefits to our customers. Our experience and talent in waste energy recovery recycling and bio-energy conversion solutions are unrivalled. These solutions provide our clients with typical energy cost savings of 10 per cent to 35 per cent or more with commensurate reductions in greenhouse gases and other emissions.

We go beyond the realm of single application or product competitors and instead provide our clients with maximum opportunities to reduce energy and emissions. Through a unique mix of process, energy, environmental, financial and other expertise combined with the best technology solutions and financial offerings, our clients can expect compelling returns exceeding 30 per cent and solutions with an excellent track record of longevity, proven reliability and performance.

Thermal Energy's core business provides three primary client benefits:

  • Energy consumption and cost reduction
  • Commensurate greenhouse gas and emission reductions
  • Excellent financial returns

With energy cost trends projecting steady increases over the next several years, our solutions provide increasingly more attractive returns and a means for our clients to shield themselves against ever-increasing energy costs.

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