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Sytech has launched the Team edition of its XLReporter reporting software, which can be implemented in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial fields, for example.

The Team edition combines Microsoft Excel with automation historians to create reports from anywhere in an organisation while maintaining individualised security.

Interfaces are provided to advanced historians by GE Intelligent Platforms, Wonderware, Emerson Process Management, Siemens and Rockwell Software plus supporting OPC-HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB.

Report templates are designed in the familiar environment of Excel, utilising all of its features, plus analysis that only the XLReporter engine, upon which Team resides, can provide.

Readily available templates for KPI, OEE, SPC, SQC and regulatory reports can be used out of the box.

The Team edition incorporates built-in user security to prevent unauthorised access.

It allows each report template to be organised for specific groups of users, enabling users to focus on producing the reports most suited to their needs.

Operators can generate reports on production behaviour and bring them to the attention of their supervisors.

Laboratory technicians can detect problems in product quality and inform the maintenance department to perform equipment calibration.

Plant managers can summarise process activity and point out to everyone the strengths and weaknesses of the facility.

Dennis McGuire, vice-president of strategic accounts at RT Engineering, said: ‘The Team edition opens a broader market for RT Engineering.

‘It still fits everyday budgets but comes with extensive features found in software that costs a lot more,’ he added.

RT Engineering has implemented XLReporter in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial fields.

‘It provides users with the tools to continually learn and improve their process in a team-wide collaboration,’ said McGuire.

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