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Juaristi has introduced a large T-bed milling/boring centre, which combines large part machining capacity with movement speed reaching 25m/min.

The milling/boring centre has travel lengths of X=4000mm, Y=3000mm and Z=2000mm, and a 2500mm turntable for a weight of 20000kg.

The column is symmetrical with the central head, all the structural components are over-dimensioned and manufactured in cast iron and the guides are linear with pre-loaded roller runners.

The turntable is hydrostatic, with a heavy-duty design enabling positioning and locking and continuous work as an interpolable axis.

The available power on the boring bar is 37kW continuous (56kW at S6) and it has a rotation speed of up to 4000rev/min, with a diameter of 125mm.

The machine is equipped with scrap balers, ATC-60, a part-measuring sensor and high-precision cooling via the tool centre.

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