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T-Mac will discuss how businesses should handle energy consumption through effective measurement and management at the ‘Energy – Find Your Way’ conference at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 3 March.

Event sponsor T-Mac, along with other members of the UK’s energy management sector, will join the Energy Services and Technology Association (Esta) – which organised the one-day conference – to demonstrate how businesses across the country can reduce excess energy waste and control the amounts of energy they use.

T-Mac, a provider of energy metering, building management and energy analysis software, will host a session looking at the latest technological developments available that help to identify and reduce energy waste without being too onerous a task for businesses.

Lisa Wilkinson, T-Mac director, said: ‘With the right combination of technology and frame of mind, savings are possible in every workplace.

‘It is all about control, especially if a business has energy-intensive equipment.

‘Often, one area of energy management is missed out – staff.

‘They have a significant impact on the amount of energy used in buildings and it is imperative they are included in any energy management strategy.

‘Allowing staff to use local controls for air conditioning and lighting, for example, can result in misuse,’ she added.

T-Mac’s session will focus on control through building energy management systems (BEMSs) and the results of applying the company’s tried-and-tested technology from two of its retail sector clients: Hammonds furniture and the 225 high-street retail sites in IMServ’s portfolio.

‘Our session will look at the importance of using a central BEMS control system and will give businesses advice on how to effectively manage and eradicate energy that is unnecessarily being used,’ said Wilkinson.

Alan Aldridge, Esta’s executive director, added: ‘The effective management of energy improves profitability and reduces environmental impacts – two key targets for every organisation in today’s world.

‘The use of automatic monitoring and targeting systems is an important step along that path – one whose worth is widely recognised, including by government,’ he said.

Carbon-footprint-reducing technology from T-Mac is claimed to help businesses to identify the energy consumption of buildings, manage carbon emissions and minimise energy waste via the internet.

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