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Months ahead of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), T-Mac Technologies is warning UK businesses to record and lower their energy use now in order to reduce overheads in the future.

From April 2010 the CRC, the UK government’s first mandatory emissions trading scheme, will aim to calculate businesses’ annual energy usage and penalise excessive users with monetary charges based on their overall carbon consumption in 2008.

The CRC aims to help large, non-energy-intensive businesses to reduce their emissions and save money through improved efficiency.

It is anticipated that it will affect around 20,000 businesses in the UK, including government departments, retailers, banks and local authorities.

Lisa Wilkinson, director of T-Mac said: ‘Many organisations still do not know how the CRC will affect them.

‘If businesses hold off monitoring and recording their energy use they will pay for it in the future.

‘However, proactive businesses can start monitoring and recording their energy use now by implementing a number of easy measures, such as installing smart metering devices with CRC measurement and management software.’ T-Mac is launching a CRC monitoring feature to its software suite, which will allows businesses to compare consumption figures daily against carbon credits purchased to ensure they do not over use and face further fines.

Lisa added: ‘Automatic Monitoring and Targeting systems can accurately manage energy usage within their carbon allowance purchased, identify areas for improvement to reduce costs, reduce the carbon credit requirements for the following year, and help business move up the CRC league table.

‘The software will also provide reports to assist in the annual auditing process required as part of the CRC.’

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