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KTR has developed the T-PUR spider material for Rotex jaw couplings, which will become the future standard for KTR jaw couplings due to its wide range of applications, according to the company.

KTR’s couplings are characterised by small dimensions, low weight and low flywheel effects with high torque transmission.

The accurate, allover machining has a positive influence on the running characteristics and increases the service life of the coupling considerably.

Rotex couplings ensure for a torsional vibration-damping power transmission in case of shocks in the drive train being produced by machines with non-uniform operation.

Often the environments that gearboxes and pumps are used in are not known beforehand.

That is why the spider compounds meet their limits on several occasions.

For that reason, spiders made of PEEK or other special compounds have to be used under rugged ambient conditions more and more frequently.

These are not only more expensive than standard elements, but they are also disadvantageous with regard to damping and displacement.

That is why manufacturers of drive technology request for an all-round spider material for the ‘heart’ of the jaw coupling, such as T-PUR.

The spider material is particularly predestined for those drives being operated with variable speeds, reversing operation or high ambient temperatures.

With the new material significant improvements compared with standard elastomers in particular with fatigue strength and temperature resistance were realised, while maintaining all positive technical features such as damping and resistance to wear.

Thus, the new material can be used with temperatures from -50 to 120C.

The increased service life allows to reduce the maintenance intervals and accordingly the expenses.

T-PUR is used as a standard spider in Rotex jaw couplings from size 14 to size 90.

From size 100, KTR supplies double-tooth elements made from T-PUR that can be offered in 64 Sh.

The new material is available in different elasticities for all kinds of hardness from 92Sh-A to 64Sh-D.

One of the first customers using the new spider material was a well-known manufacturer of injection-moulding machines.

Couplings used on shredders and recycling machines are subject to extreme dynamics with heavy shock loads.

In addition operating errors arise frequently.

As an example, wood that was dropped may cause jams, the coupling having to protect the adjacent components.

The shaft displacement which is usual in such machines does not allow to use high-power, yet torsionally stiff elastomers, since these are disadvantageous with misalignment and damping.

For these machines, the Rotex couplings with T-PUR are most suitable, since on the one hand they resist the loads that arise and dampen dynamic shock loads and on the other hand compensate for shaft misalignment without problems.

KTR Couplings

KTR is a German coupling manufacturer with over 50 years' experience providing power transmission products to a wide range of markets sectors including industrial pumps, construction, marine, hydraulics, rail, mining, machine tools, wind turbine technology and other renewable energy industries.

Since 1959 KTR has gone from being a relatively small manufacturer in Germany to having over 20 well-established subsidiaries around the world, making it one of the only coupling manufacturers in the world with its own global sales and service network, research and development facilities and in house engineering expertise.

KTR Couplings Ltd has specialised in the sale of power transmission products within the UK for over 10 years, offering over 30,000 different products available from stock representing 40 per cent of KTR’s total product range. The remaining 60 per cent of KTR output comes in the form of custom designs, manufactured to customer requirements, and one of the reasons why KTR is widely considered as the driving force behind the development of the worldwide coupling market and the production of world-class power transmission components. 

Other areas of expertise include hydraulic components — including bellhousings, damping elements, oil coolers, tank heaters and accessories; steel tanks — either standard off the shelf or bespoke tanks; torque limiters; torque measurement and clamping elements.

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