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Magnetrol’s Thermatel Model TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter measures greenhouse gases in accordance with the new US Environmental Protection Agency rule (EPA 40 CFR part 98).

This new mandate requires companies that emit more than 25,000 tons/year of CO2 equivalent to report greenhouse-gas emissions.

The Magnetrol Model TA2’s thermal-dispersion technology provides an accurate and economical method to measure the amount of emitted methane or natural gas and assesses emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), meeting the EPA requirements.

Magnetrol’s TA2 is a direct mass-flow measuring instrument and requires only a simple, single insertion point into a pipe or stack to install.

The accuracy is better than +/- one per cent of reading, +0.5 per cent of calibrated full scale and exceeds the stated acceptable accuracy within this new EPA rule.

Instruments are available for installation in line sizes from 15mm up to more than 3000mm.

It operates over a wide flow range from 0.13 to 200Nm/s with an exceptionally wide turndown ratio up to 100:1.

The flow-sensing element of the Model TA2 is manufactured with all-welded construction and available in 316/316L or Hastelloy C.

There is virtually no pressure drop when using a thermal mass-flow meter.

It has no moving parts, which means it is less susceptible to clogging and fouling.

The instrument measures and displays mass flow rate, totalised flow and temperature with electronic output of passive and active 4-20mA signal, including HART protocol.

Actual gas calibration will be performed on each TA2, matched to the customer application and installation conditions.

There are several flow-measurement technologies that can be used for the measurement of greenhouse gases.

However, thermal dispersion mass-flow meters provide certain advantages in terms of mass-flow measurement, turndown, (low) flow sensitivity, low pressure drop and ease of installation.

The TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter will provide the lowest cost of ownership for facilities that are required to measure the greenhouse-gas emissions from their processes to comply with this new EPA requirement.

Magnetrol International

Magnetrol is a manufacturer of high quality industrial instrumentation
for level and flow measurement of liquids and gases. The headquarters
and production facility for Europe is located in Zele, Belgium. From
here we serve Europe, Middle-East, India, Africa, Pakistan and CIS
countries. The corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, USA.
Magnetrol is active in the following industries: petrochemical,
chemical, power, water/waste water, pharma, and food & beverage.
Measuring technologies are Guided Wave Radar, Free Space Radar,
Ultrasonic contact and non-contact, Thermal dispersion, Buoyancy,
Mechanicals, RF Capacitance, Magnetic Level Indication and
Magnetostrictive. Magnetrol is ISO 9001 (edition 2000) certified and
complies with various safety and construction standards such as ATEX,
PED, FM/CSA, IBR, Stoomwezen, etc.

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