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Herkules Equipment’s Double Stacked Pneumatic Scissor Lift Table with riser is designed to raise material up to workers who must assemble products while positioned on elevated platforms.

This customised lift system raises sun roofs to the workers’ platform, providing ergonomics and a constant line rate, and eliminating the need to climb up and down the platform to retrieve the sun roofs.

The lift’s platform size and corner retainers were designed based on the bin’s dimensions, in order to hold the bin stable during the sun roof assembly process.

The Lift System has a 4,000lb capacity, a raised height of 94in and a travel speed of less than 10 seconds in both directions with 60-120psi.

It is designed with captured roller wheels for better performance and added safety.

The controls to raise and lower the lift are mounted on a pedestal and can be located on either level.

Herkules’ pneumatic lift systems are virtually maintenance-free, with no messy fluids or costly cylinders to replace.

The power source, Herkules’ Air Bag technology, provides a patented direct one-to-one lift ratio, eliminating stress on the scissors and minimising wear and maintenance.

The heavy-duty air bags are built for rugged daily use, giving facilities a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

Herkules Equipment

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