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Taegutec has extended its Chase2Mill range of milling cutters with three cutter bodies and four insert designations to offer the end user improved productivity benefits.

The inserts are available in the ANMX designation for economical, high-performance cutting with long tool life, while the MR series offers strong cutting edges and has been adapted to rough and interrupted cutting.

The ANHX 16ML inserts have a high rake angle to ensure good surface finishes and the AL line has been developed to meet customers’ aluminium machining demands.

The four insert designations are currently available in existing Taegutec grades that will soon be replaced with the TT6080, TT6800, TT7080 and TT8080 insert grades.

The additions will enable the extended Chase2Mill series to machine a range of materials, including low- and high-carbon steel, alloyed, tool and stainless steels, inconel and titanium alloys, gray and nodular cast iron and aluminium.

With the combination of insert geometries and Taegutec’s grade compositions, the Chase2Mill can machine these materials at depths of cut beyond 7mm at speeds up to 350m/min and feed rates of 0.25mm per tooth.

To correspond with the inserts, Taegutec has three new cutters that add to the existing face mills in the Chase2Mill range.

The smallest of the cutters, the modular cutter body is available with the option of two or three insert pockets on a 32 or 40mm diameter body.

The long-edged shouldering cutter is available in 50, 63, 80 and 100mm diameters with two to five insert pockets on the PCD with a total of six to 25 insert pockets on the cutter body.

The extended flute end mill cutter body is available as either a 40 or 50mm diameter cutter.

Available with either two or three inserts on the PCD, the cutter has the option of six, eight or 12 insert pockets depending on customer specifications.

All cutter body types have a through-coolant facility to ensure an optimum temperature is maintained under heavy cutting and guarantee the efficient removal of swarf from the work envelope.

The smaller modular-type cutter body has already been utilised in general engineering and mould and die applications.

The extended flute end mill, with its ability to machine at depths beyond 70mm, has delivered productivity benefits in medium to heavy machining applications, such as the power generation, wind turbine, automotive and rail industries.

The larger shouldering cutter, with up to 25 insert pockets and a maximum diameter of 100mm, has delivered cycle time reductions and productivity benefits.

However, a rigid and robust machine tool is advised to optimise cutter performance when conducting heavy machining applications with the shoulder and extended flute cutters.

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