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Tagon has developed an easy-to-terminate range of Sockeye Expanded Beam connectors, which meet Mil-DTL-83526 and Eurocom II requirements.

These hermaphroditic connectors are available in plug and bulkhead versions with one-to-12 optical channels.

Most of the Sockeye connectors are available in Singlemode and Multimode with best performance in class.

The connectors are future proof, as the optical path is optimised to support the range from 850 to 1310nm in Multimode and 1310 to 1550nm for Singlemode application.

These connectors are agnostic to the signal passing through, so WDM is also possible, whenever higher bandwidth needs to be transmitted.

The connectors are field repairable.

The RFID tagging system provides a tool for inventory control and carries the performance data as an electronic test certificate.

The Sockeye connectors feature aluminium anodised housings, but are also available in stainless steel, which meets the requirements for naval, mining and other extreme applications.

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