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The efficiency of Takbro’s delivery service has removed the need for an alternator manufacturer to run a manufacturing store.

Takbro, a specialist distributor of electrical and electronic ancillary products, was supplying the alternator manufacturer with crimp terminations and cable identification products.

By delivering frequently enough (three times a week) direct to the production lines on a just-in-time basis, Takbro has removed the need for the alternator manufacturer to run a manufacturing store.

David Slater, divisional manager of Takbro, said: ‘As a result of our regular direct-to-line deliveries, we have successfully eliminated its manufacturing stores.

‘This has not only enabled the company to cut out the costs associated with running those stores and the capital tied up by the components in them, it has also freed up valuable space in the premises, allowing more production equipment to be installed to satisfy the growing demand for the company’s products.’ The alternator manufacturer has also implemented a vendor-reduction programme.

This means the company seeks to save time by minimising the number of suppliers it deals with directly.

Takbro was able to help with this by taking on the role of vendor manager.

In this role Takbro buys components on behalf of the company from an approved list of vendors.

The components from these vendors are held in stock at the Takbro warehouse and are delivered alongside Takbro’s own products direct to the manufacturer’s production lines.

Takbro handles all of the administrative work involved in dealing with the second-tier suppliers, including chasing deliveries and handling all queries, and provides the company with consolidated monthly invoices.

This reduces the amount of work that the purchasing and finance departments have to handle and virtually eliminates time-consuming invoice queries.

This vendor management arrangement has proved so successful that Takbro is now handling supplies not only for the manufacturer’s site in the UK but also in Asia, South America and Europe.

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