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Intrinsity has standardised on Talus, Magma Design Automation’s RTL-to-GDSII platform, for implementation of the static ASIC portion of its IC design flow.

This decision was made after Intrinsity used Magma software to develop its latest design based on combined static and NDL technology, with impressive results.

Talus Design’s RTL synthesis, Talus Vortex’s place and route capabilities and Intrinsity’s Fast14 design technology enabled Intrinsity to double the frequency and take the design from final RTL to GDSII in just 48 hours.

In addition, Talus Power Pro’s ability to efficiently handle multiple voltage threshold (multi-VT) libraries resulted in a significant power reduction.

The software also allowed Intrinsity to deliver the high-performance processor design with a significantly smaller team than is usually required using traditional approaches.

Magma’s Talus IC implementation is a unified RTL-to-GDSII system with advanced capabilities for nanometer design.

Talus multi-processes the entire IC design flow.

Its front-end design system provides logic designers with a fast, high-capacity and physically aware synthesis capability.

Its physical design system addresses variability and multimode/multicorner complexity with new optimisation, place and route and clock tree synthesis technology.

To improve manufacturability and reliability, Talus provides built-in DFM features such as redundant via and litho-aware routing for yield optimisation.

The Magma platform also includes advanced power optimisation and management capabilities and implements multiple power-saving design strategies to achieve maximum power reduction.

Talus integrates low-power analysis and optimisation engines throughout the entire RTL-to-GDSII flow.

The system supports advanced techniques such as native multi-Vt, automated multi-voltage designs and adaptive voltage scaling using concurrent multicorner optimisation.

It also supports multi-Vdd and physical implementation that meet leading foundries’ dynamic and leakage power requirements.

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