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Ace Controls has expanded its motion control product range with a series of tandem gas springs.

Unlike conventional gas springs, the type GST-40 springs operate with two pressure chambers that are quasi connected in series.

The two 40mm-diameter cylinders are filled with different volumes of nitrogen gas and, in addition to the resulting two-part and stepped-curve characteristic, they have different strokes and applied forces.

For example, the more powerful cylinder of the type GST-40-50-150 spring can exert a force of 2,500N, while the force in the less powerful cylinder is just 900N.

According to the company, this makes it possible to securely lift heavy flaps and hatches with a large opening angle from the horizontal.

Tandem principle

  • In the horizontal position, the centre of gravity is located furthest from the fulcrum, whereas in the vertical position it is located exactly above it.
  • As a result, the pushing force required becomes ever lower throughout the travel.
  • Ace Controls said that the advantage of the two series-connected gas springs is not apparent during the upward movement, but is obvious during the downward movement.

For more than 40 years, Ace Controls has been acknowledged as the world leader in motion control.

It was back in the 1960s that the then unique Ace shock absorber was initially designed to serve the Detroit automotive industry. Since then, the company's world-renowned industrial shock absorbers have grown to some 170 different models.

In addition, the Ace motion control range has developed to include safety shock absorbers, rotary dampers, hydraulic dampers, feed controls, TUBUS profile dampers, SLAB damping plates and industrial gas springs.

An unbeatable range

Industrial shock absorbers
An extensive range of models are available to handle loads from a few grams up to hundreds of tonnes. High-capacity and heavy-duty construction ensure a very long working life.

Safety shock absorbers
These are designed for emergency stop and damage protection on industrial and warehouse crane systems.

Rotary dampers
These are used for controlling rotary motion, unidirectional or bidirectional damping. Adjustable or fixed damping rates from 0.001 up to 60Nm are available.

Hydraulic dampers and feed controls
These provide precise velocity control for critical feed rate applications when machining materials, as well as damping machine guards, fire safety flaps and oscillating suspended loads.

TUBUS profile dampers
This range of high-performance elastomer profile buffers offers much greater energy-absorbing capacity and life expectancy than other competing materials such as urethanes, rubber and steel springs.

SLAB damping plates
The damping plates provide the ideal solution for large-surface-area damping or vibration isolation requirements in the form of sheets or to customer-specific moulded shapes.

Industrial gas springs
These provide assistance to control the lifting and lowering of lids, flaps, hoods and safety guards. This extensive range can push or pull.

Choosing the right product

For assistance with product selection and application advice, please contact us and speak to one of our team.

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