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Tandler Precision has introduced the RW Survivor series of flexible disc pack couplings, which is suitable for demanding industrial power transmission systems. 

RW Survivor series couplings transmit torque across the disc pack assemblies purely by friction. A series of bushings are pressed together by RW to assemble the disc packs, while precision-locating features in the hubs and spacers present a concentric fit.

The bolt assemblies are then tightened through the hubs, spacers and bushings to generate the necessary clamping pressure across the faces of the disc packs to transmit all of the power by friction.

This purely backlash-free friction fit serves to eliminate problems associated with stress concentration, backlash and micro-movements, all of which can result from transmitting torque across the shanks of shoulder bolts.

The frictional connection of the disc packs further increases service life, in addition to making the complete coupling assembly more torsionally stiff.

Key features and specifications

  • The series consists of both single- and double-flex versions to mount by keyway and set screw (LP1 LP2), a double-flex version with precision conical clamping ring assemblies (LP3) and a special API 610 version (LPA) designed to meet all of the stringent requirements for critical centrifugal pumping applications.
  • Two standard spacer lengths are available for each double-flex version.
  • Full customisation of dimensions and materials is available depending on the specific application requirements.
  • The couples are available with either imperial or metric bore diameters ranging from 18–170mm and with torque capabilities up to 20,000Nm.

Tandler Precision

Tandler has been at the forefront of gear manufacturing technology for more than half a century. Wherever high-quality gearing is required, in industrial, aerospace, military and automotive applications, from one-offs to volume production, we can manufacture gears of all types to meet the most stringent quality requirements.

With the wide range of gearboxes from Tandler, and couplings and torque limiters from R+W, we are able to offer a wide range of power transmission solutions.

We prefer a consultative approach to determine the optimum solution to meet your requirements. We invite you to call us with your design challenges. It is through identifying your unique needs that we can be most helpful.

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