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Newson Gale has announced that the Earth-Rite RTR tank truck static grounding system has been approved for the US and Canadian hazardous process industries.

Certified by CSA, the Earth-Rite RTR is said to offer high security for tank truck product transfers at risk of static ignitions inflammable and combustible atmospheres.

With the Tri-Mode technology platform, personnel cannot initiate product transfers unless the RTR has confirmed that the conditions necessary for a safe transfer are in place and monitored for the duration of the process.

The Earth-Rite RTR provides operators with an automatic and failsafe Static Ground Verification and Tanker Truck Recognition check, ensuring product transfers cannot take place unless both of these parameters are tested and verified.

In addition, the grounding system includes a pair of voltage-free contacts that engage only when the resistance to the system’s verified ground connection is measured to be 10ohms or less.

This feature enables customers and specifiers to demonstrate compliance with the recommendations of globally recognised standards for static control, including NFPA 77, API RP 2003 and Cenelec CLC/TR: 50404.

The system features a cluster of bright pulsing green LEDs, which provide attention-grabbing indication to personnel that a positive ground condition is established for the duration of the transfer process.

The Earth-Rite RTR is CSA-approved for installation and use in all common hazardous areas, including the highest gas group approvals: Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, G; Class III.

The system is, under IECEx and Atex guidelines, certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous atmospheres.

Power supply units may be selected from 220/240VAC or 110/120VAC, and 12V or 24VDC options.

Earth-Rite RTR has been assessed for functional safety and received a SIL 2 rating according to IEC 61508.

The system electronics, which are housed in a corrosion-resistant XP enclosure as standard, have a certified operating temperature range of -40C to +55C (-13F to + 131F) so that the system can be installed in harsh operating environmental conditions without any additional protection or modification.

At 4.5kg (9.9lb) the Earth-Rite RTR is said to be compact, easy to install and maintain, and is shipped complete with a detailed installation manual together with on-board diagnostic ’self-checking’ electronics making initial set-up and commissioning straightforward.

The Intrinsically Safe Ground Connection Junction Box, together with Quick Connect feature on the cable and clamp enhances safety and simplifies ongoing maintenance in hazardous areas.

For over 25 years, Newson Gale has been in the business of protecting people and assets from the hazards of static electricity.

Newson Gale serves industries where processes that generate significant amounts of static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or explosive atmospheres.The major industries served are:

-chemical/petrochemical manufacturing and distribution.

-pharmaceutical/clean room processes.

-paints,coatings and solvents manufacturing and distribution.

-food and beverage production and distribution.

Newson Gale’s commitment to research and innovation has led to the creation of patented industry firsts that optimise the safety of people and protection of plant assets.

Our solutions are divided into three flexible product categories that are specified for customers depending on the level of safety required to protect people and plant assets from the flammable/explosive hazard.The three categories are described as:

Earth-Rite:continuous static dissipative monitoring with positive indication and interlock control outputs.

Bond-Rite:continuous static dissipative monitoring with positive indication.

Cen-Stat:mechanical earthing and bonding devices and hazardous area accessories.

Depending on the country specification,our equipment carries ATEX,FM,IECEx and SIL2 hazardous area approvals and are fully compliant with internationally recognised best practise standards for controlling static electricity

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