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Wilson Tool offers a range of tapping tools designed to help sheet metal manufacturers achieve lean manufacturing goals by eliminating secondary threading operations.

Wilson tapping tools enable sheet metal manufacturers to tap on their punch press, so there is no need for secondary threading operations on another machine.

Threads formed on a punch press have a higher tensile strength than those cut in conventional machine tapping.

Forming threads also eliminates swarf that scratches sheet materials.

By forming an extrusion first, tapped holes can be produced in thinner materials.

The Wilson Trumpf-style tapping tool enables sheet metal manufacturers to create high-precision threads.

A spring-loaded retention system allows quick replacement of the tapping module with no tools required.

A highly lubricated die insert and Wilson’s Nitrex punch plate helps prevent sheet scratching.

All Wilson Trumpf-style tapping tools are shipped in a protective case with space to hold two upper units, two lower units, spare tapping modules, spare taps and a tap length setting guage.

Wilson Tool taps are made from premium-grade steel for greater strength and wear resistance.

All taps are coated with a titanium aluminum nitride (TiAIN) coating, which increases lubricity and reduces wear in tough materials.

Wilson Tool offers a wide variety of tap sizes and pitch, available in both metric and imperial sizes.

Wilson taps and tapping modules are interchangeable with taps from Trumpf’s tapping tools.

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