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Tapworks, a UK supplier of commercial water softeners, will demonstrate the savings that a water softener installation can provide at the Energy Event 2009.

It can provide savings in terms of lower energy costs and the lower maintenance costs of water-using appliances and heating systems.

On sites where no softeners are currently fitted, businesses will learn about the savings they can make to their energy costs by fitting a Tapworks North Star softener.

For those where there is a softener installed, but it needs replacing, installing a new Tapworks softener has resulted in an average 32 per cent saving on running costs.

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the damage that hard water and scale build-up can cause to their assets and their budgets.

According to Tapworks, people are recognising the damage that can be caused where it cannot be easily seen – in heating systems such as boiler heat exchangers, pipework and radiators, for example.

The hidden costs of hard water can be attacked by softening the water at the point of entry from the mains supply.

Tapworks offers a range of water softeners in its North Star range of commercial water softeners.

The water softeners also help to save salt and water through the inclusion of Genius Chip technology.

The exact amount of salt needed for each regeneration of the system is measured and calculated in proportion to the amount of softened water used since the last regeneration.

In addition to this ‘standard proportional salting’ facility, the Genius Chip also adjusts the salt levels automatically to reflect the consumption.

The North Star range features a space-saving tank-in-tank design and low-voltage electronics (making it safe and easy to install), the Genius Chip technology, a back-lit display that provides advanced flow and consumption information, a high-capacity resin that offers a long life and improved efficiency and remote telephone diagnostics, allowing the offsite analysis of data to determine whether an adjustment is needed, often saving the cost of a service call.


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