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Tatem is offering Air Turbine Tools’ range of high-speed, low-maintenance CNC/VMC and robotic air-turbine spindles for machine tools and robotics applications.

These lightweight precision spindles are said to offer faster, cleaner and more efficient production with no maintenance required for applications including milling, polishing, drilling, routing and deburring at higher speeds up to 90,000rev/min.

The 600 Series with CNC compatibility and the 700 Series, designed for robotics, lathes, and special-purpose machines, are on offer.

All products share a set of features arising from their common design technology.

The spindles’ only two moving parts are the patented turbine and the bearings.

This eliminates problems associated with traditional motors in that there are no vanes, gears or brushes to burn out.

The spindles operate with low friction, low vibration and low wear for long life and reduced repairs.

They are also totally oil free, using grease-packed ceramic bearings, and require 6.2 bar dry, clean, compressed air.

Air-turbine spindles are also quiet in operation, emitting no more than 67dBa.

Oil and lubrication, and therefore oil misting and lubricant contamination, are eliminated, as are control systems.

All spindles also incorporate a governor to regulate the amount of air they consume.

The governed spindle’s air supply decreases while idling and increases during cutting, which can reduce air consumption by up to 30 per cent.

It also maintains its high speed and torque under load for faster, cleaner production.

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