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TDA Elektronic Technology has launched the twin SMD package PTC TSF4SS20RF ceramic PTC thermistors, designed to offer protection in over-current applications.

The PTC thermistors are semiconductor ceramic devices that exhibit an ability to switch from a low-resistance state to a high-resistance state depending on their body temperature.

TDA’s PTC ceramic thermistors have been proven reliable and effective in a variety of over-current applications, including: VoIP FXS linecard; VoIP gateway; PBX; central office multi-channel FXS; DLC and PBX FXS; and analogue trunk FXO application circuits.

Ceramic PTCs return to their same initial R25 after being subjected to a fault condition.

They can be switched repeatedly, will return to their initial value, and are not subjected to hysteresis.

Ceramic PTCs can be sorted into very tight resistance groups for matched pair applications.

For over-current applications, the PTC element is normally placed in series with the component that requires over-current protection.

Features of TSF4SS20RF include: matched pairs in one component, reducing the assembly time; a ceramic case that can endure 1,000C; a small footprint that allows the increase of number of lines per PCB; RoHS compliant and suitable for Pb-free reflow soldering; and compliant with ITU-T K20, K21.

TDA Elektronic Technology

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