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Following the launch of its PFE AC/DC full-brick power supplies, TDK-Lambda has unveiled the PFE-S series with enhanced circuitry to improve lightning surge capability and line interrupt hold-up time.

Like the existing range, the PFE-S series combines the AC to HVDC front-end with DC/DC converter into a single standard format, full-brick solution.

In addition, the efficiency of the units, which exceeds 83 per cent in all versions, greatly simplifies the thermal design of the equipment in which they are used.

The fully-regulated PFE300S and PFE500S models are available in 12, 28 and 48V nominal outputs and can be adjusted over a +/- 20 per cent range.

The 12V versions deliver 396W with a maximum base-plate temperature of 85C, while the 28V and 48V models provide 504W at 100C base-plate temperatures (PFE500S).

Line and load regulation is 0.4 per cent.

The 12V output models of these integrated two-in-one PCB-mounted power bricks are ideal for distributed power architectures because they can drive point-of-load (POL) convertors directly.

With no intermediate bus voltage needed, the use of multiple low-cost, non-isolated POL convertors in conjunction with the combined AC/DC module offers cost savings and improved efficiency.

The semi-regulated PFE700S can deliver 714W with a nominal output of 51V and provides a high efficiency (up to 89 per cent) AC/DC stage for powering regulated DC/DC converters for multiple output applications – both parallel and series operation are possible.

Maximum base-plate temperature is 100C, derating linearly to 85 per cent load above 85C.

Line and load regulation for the PFE700S is 4V.

All versions of the PFE-S series have a wide-range AC input that allows operation from any voltage between 85V and 265V at 47 to 63Hz.

As standard, they incorporate active power factor correction and input-to-output isolation of 3,000VAC for one minute.

Over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protections are included.

All PFE-S models are delivered with TDK-Lambda’s two-year warranty, are safety-approved to UL60950-1, CSA60950-1 and EN60950-1, and carry the CE mark.

TDK-Lambda is a subsidiary of the TDK Corporation, a leading global electronics company (

TDK-Lambda has been a major provider of power supplies for over 60 years.  The company designs and manufactures a wide range of AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters for Industrial, Medical, Telecom, Datacom, and Test & Measurement applications worldwide.

With production facilities in Asia, America and EMEA, TDK-Lambda has positioned itself as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power conversion products with recognized leadership in the
industrial market segment.

With our comprehensive 1.5W to 90kW range of AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, Programmable DC power supplies and EMI noise filters, TDK-Lambda offers the right solution for a wide spectrum of applications.

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