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Technology Education Concepts (TEC) will be demonstrating a 3D printer and a tabletop prototyping factory at the 2009 Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Convention.

The RapmanUSA is a rapid-prototyping/rapid-manufacturing machine that allows access to manufacturing technologies that were previously limited to expensive machines.

A budget-friendly kit contributes towards the teaching and learning of engineering and mechatronics as students can build the machine themselves.

The Rapmanpro, the expanded commercial version of the RapmanUSA, allows businesses to manufacture test products in-house.

With the option of multiple heads and up to two colour plus support material printing, the Rapmanpro allows schools and universities to plug in the machine, load inexpensive ABS material and start manufacturing.

RapmanUSA is designed to allow assembly by students – granting full understanding of mechanical assembly, electronics, manufacturing processes and more – who can then immediately print their own 3D-prototype designs on it.

Pre-assembled models are also available.

Manufactured using high-impact acrylic, it can print the majority of its own replacement parts at first-generation quality levels.

It can print from a variety of affordable materials – such as ABS and HDPE plastics – and operates on a 12V power source.

TEC offers comprehensive support and instruction for both machines.

The company will be at booths 529 and 636 during the ACTE Convention, which takes place in Nashville on 19-21 November 2009.

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