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Tecan has launched low-profile PCB screening cans and enclosures that can be re-flowed with conventional and surface-mount components.

Standard-pitch screening cans, delivering solutions for prototype, development and production needs, are available as single components.

The range of low-profile and surface-mount components offers an effective means of sourcing radio frequency interference (RFI) screening at optimum cost.

The range encompasses a selection of can sizes, profiles and mounting options, allowing users to select components that assure both maximum RFI performance and compatibility with individual production requirements.

Based on standard component pitches, the cans can be supplied with a wide choice of lids, sidewalls, and mountings.

Eight standard configurations include: a four-sided can with a spring-fingered lid; a four-sided surface-mount fence with a spring-fingered lid; a four-sided can with a tag-and-slot lid; a five-sided can formed and spot-welded; a five-sided can formed for surface mount; a five-sided can supplied flat for self-forming; a total enclosure with a spring-fingered lid; and a four-sided fence with two spring-fingered lids.

The standard pitch system utilised covers 20 x 20mm to 75 x 125mm.

Low-profile cans are available down to 2.5mm high.

Tecan uses a range of well-established manufacturing techniques, such as photo chemical machining (PCM) and punch/press progression tooling, to provide cans for the most demanding low, medium or high-volume production needs.

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