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Schuler is to be represented as a partner at the Hinterkopf Tech-Center, which will allow companies to experience a wide variety of systems for the production of aerosol cans.

German company Hinterkopf, based in the Swabian town of Eislingen, is a supplier of equipment for can manufacturing.

From 5 October 2009, companies in the cosmetics and packaging industry will be able to access a range of system solutions at Hinterkopf’s Tech-Center, including impact extrusion presses from Schuler.

‘Customers interested in buying a new line will be able to use the demonstration equipment at the Tech-Center for their own experiments to test whether new shapes or products can be processed,’ said Alexander Hinterkopf, managing director at Hinterkopf.

The opening days of the Tech-Center in Eislingen/Germany will be held from 5-23 October 2009.

The exhibits will include two key Schuler products for the packaging industry.

The X250S impact extrusion press for aerosol cans with diameters of up to 59mm is a high-tech line capable of operating at 240 strokes per minute – a speed that until recently was still regarded as unachievable.

The XS range of impact extrusion presses with press capacities of 150 to 400 metric tons are at the heart of the forming operations provided by the Hinterkopf lines.

Three necking machines of the latest N40 generation – jointly developed by Hinterkopf and Schuler – facilitate the production of unusual can shapes.

The name refers to the 40 work stations that enable the addition of forming tools, such as embossing and rolling stations.

Schuler supplies the basic machine to Hinterkopf.

Hinterkopf is then responsible for the final assembly of the electrical system and equipping with loading and unloading lines, washing, drying, decoration, storage, forming and sizing tools, as well as the control system, and for launching production at the customer’s facility.

The process and equipment know-how of both Hinterkopf and Schuler has been pooled at the Tech-Center, where it can be presented under a single roof.

Live demonstrations highlight the combination of an XS press and an N40 necking machine.

Experts from Schuler and Hinterkopf are always on hand to provide support and advice on all questions concerning specific production requirements.

Customers without the necessary spare capacity on their own lines can also use the demonstration equipment for experiments; for example, to test the production of new can shapes.

Customers can also test or store forming dies and materials at the Tech-Center.

Experts from Schuler and Hinterkopf are always on site during the tests.

A senior test technician, several fitters and a customer support employee will provide advice.

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