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Techcon Systems has introduced its Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Product Guide, which includes dispensers, 700 Series consumables, and dispensing tip options.

Some of the entry-level dispensers included in the most recent guide include the TS250 and TS255 digital dispensers.

The TS250 is ideal for general dispensing applications, and the TS255 is suitable for precision dispensing of low viscosity fluids.

The guide also features the TS350 and TS355 advanced digital dispensers.

The TS350 is capable of dispensing a range of fluid viscosities, while the TS355 specialises in precision dispensing of low-viscosity fluids.

Featured 700 Series consumables include the receiver head assembly, end caps, air powered pistons, syringes, syringe assembly kits, and tip caps double helix thread.

Dispensing tip options include the TE Series Tips, TE Series Bent Tips, TT Tips, TS-P Plastic Tips, and Brush Tips.

The dispensing systems can be accessorised with a finger switch assembly, syringe holders, a vacuum pencil and control unit, a manual syringe gun, a dispensing tip kit, and a foot valve dispenser.

Applications include heat sink compound, surface mount adhesive, grease, solder paste, flux, silicon, anaerobic, and needle colour-coding.

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