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Techcon Systems has introduced its new Valve Product Guide, which includes manual valves, pneumatic valves, and auger valves, as well as accessories and application examples.

Some of the valves featured in the guide are the TS1201 pinch tube pen, which requires no cleaning, and the TS5623 series diaphragm valve, which features a new compact design.

Featured pneumatic valves include the TS1212 pinch tube valve, which features disposable wetted parts and requires no cleaning, and TS5620 series diaphragm valve, which allows horizontal or vertical mounting.

The auger valves that are featured in the guide include the TS5000DMP series auger valve, featuring a disposable material path and the TS7000 series auger valve, capable of achieving 0.25mm dot sizes.

Some must-have accessories highlighted in the product guide include the Production Master Stand and Quick Connect Air Line and Fittings.

The Production Master Stand is designed for ‘hands-free’ support of the pneumatic valve, while the Quick Connect Air Line and Fittings are designed to assist in valve set-up.

Numerous application examples are featured in the product guide, some of which include theTS1201 and the TS1212.

The TS1201 is used to dispense the solder mask manually onto a PCB assembly.

The TS1201 is used to dispense a bead of anaerobic material around a gearbox before final assembly.

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