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Techcon Systems has introduced its updated Cartridge Product Guide, which features dispense nozzles, pistons, end caps, tip caps and cartridge adaptors.

The guide includes a complete cartridge component breakdown.

Disposable, plastic cartridges provide a clean, efficient and low-cost method to meet all types of production requirements.

Plungers with a front wiper edge clean each cartridge thoroughly, reducing waste.

Tip caps and end caps are available, making the system ideal for pre-packaged materials such as pre-mixed or frozen.

End caps are used to prevent dust contamination when the cartridge is not in use.

Pistons are used to ensure even pressure distribution throughout the fluid while dispensing.

Cartridges are used when a standard syringe capacity is not big enough, and tip caps are used to seal cartridges when not in use.

Also included in the guide, is the company’s TS Series aluminium retainers, which ‘twist-lock’ to their dispensing cap.

The retainers are lightweight, and the durable construction allows up to 100lb/in2 applied air pressure.

The Cartridge Product Guide also includes TS Retainer Caps, G-Series Retainers, and G-Series Retainer Caps.

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