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Techcon Systems’ TS7000 Interchangeable Material Path (IMP) Series Rotary Valve is based on the technology of Techcon’s TS5000 Series Rotary Microvalve.

It features a field-replaceable feed-screw/cartridge assembly, flexible motor, syringe and needle-mounting option.

It is also interchangeable with TS5000DMP feed-screw auger inserts.

Benefits of these features include precise and repeatable shot sizes, low maintenance costs and quick and easy installation.

The TS7000 IMP Series Valve is available in three feed-screw auger sizes (16-pitch, 8-pitch and high output 8-pitch), all made of precision hardened steel.

An encoder motor version is available for applications that require closed-loop motor control with encoder feedback.

The TS7000 IMP Series Valve provides fast and repeatable dispensing of medium- to high-viscosity fluids and pastes.

Typical applications include small-dot dispensing of dispensable-grade solder pastes, silver epoxies, surface-mount adhesives, dispensing beads of structural adhesives and cavity and cam filling.

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