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The Techdrives website features two configurations of Vogel phase-shifting gearboxes, which are suitable for print registration, wrapping on packaging machinery and tensioning in papermaking plants.

Vogel phase-shifting gearboxes provide mechanical adjustment to the phase angle of two rotating shafts.

Adjustment can be made intermittently or continuously.

These gearboxes are said to be ideal in situations where adjustment is infrequent, for example made by manually turning a shaft.

Phase-shifting gearboxes are a variation on a planetary design where the outer ring can be rotated.

It is turned by a shaft with worm-gear connection to the ring.

The rotation of the worm shaft superimposes a motion between the planetary input and output shafts, adding or subtracting a phase angle.

Typically, one turn of the worm shaft puts an increment of three on the output shaft.

This fine adjustment can be used to adjust the position of a driven part of a machine, such as flight bars to feed, print cylinders for registration or knives to achieve an accurate cut length.

Continuous input to the worm shaft can be used for tensioning, such as webs of paper, and a speed trim of up to +/-24r/min is possible.

Two configurations of these phase-shifting gearboxes are available, with details available and a catalogue download on the Techdrives website.

Inline gearboxes can be 1:1 or have a 3:1 reduction ratio and are available in five sizes for torques ranging from 50Nm to 1,500Nm.

Right-angle gearboxes incorporate a bevel output stage with twin output shafts and gear ratios of one, two or three.

An additional use for these gearboxes is found in emergency or pony drives.

For example, with ovens and furnaces it is often necessary to remove products from the heated areas should the main drive fail, perhaps because of a mains supply fault.

Here, a manual input to the adjustment shaft, or perhaps an air motor, allows the output to be turned slowly and with a low power requirement.

The main drive to the input shaft does not turn as it may be locked against back driving.

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