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Techmatrix has added vision capabilities to its Weldworks software suite.

The vision kit includes a gas shock articulating arm to position the USB colour camera, zoom lens and integrated light-emitting-diode (LED) light to the desired position.

The system displays a large live video image within the Weldworks application, making it much easier for the operator to see small features compared to using a boom microscope.

The kit automatically captures pre-weld and post-weld images and allows the user to snap additional images in the event of a weld failure.

The pictures, weld data, waveforms and part information are all stored in a central database.

Optional Cognex Visionpro software is available for advanced gauging applications.

The Weldworks web interface is said to facilitate data retrieval and statistical analysis.

The vision kit allows users to upload destructive test images from any source, providing a complete view of their weld process.

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