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Many of today’s industrial refrigeration systems are compression-type systems (as opposed to absorption-type systems) where cooling is generated based on the evaporation of a refrigerant fluid such as Freon, ammonia or carbon dioxide. As illustrated in this article from Exxonmobil, the basic elements of these refrigeration units include the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The refrigerant fluid flows under pressure through the expansion valve to the evaporator, where it changes state from liquid to vapour in order to generate the cooling effect. The cold refrigerant vapour, once at low pressure, is then compressed, raising its temperature and pressure. It then flows through the condenser, where it cools down and liquefies. The cooled refrigerant then flows again, under high pressure, through the expansion valve for the next cycle.

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Mobil Industrial Lubricants: A Legacy of Innovation, Advanced Technology and Productivity

For more than a century, the team behind Mobil Industrial Lubricants has been delivering premium products and comprehensive maintenance solutions that help companies boost productivity, enhance the performance and life of their equipment, increase profitability, reduce downtime, and stay ahead of the competition.

Today, Mobil Industrial Lubricants are used extensively in many industrial market sectors – including power generation, general manufacturing, metal working, food and beverage processing, pulp and paper, cement, construction, metals and mining.

Proven Synthetic Technology

For companies that rely on equipment that is often subjected to extreme operating conditions, such as high temperatures, extreme loads and pressures, excessive moisture or high speeds, Mobil SHC lubricants and greases offer an ideal solution.  That’s because they are formulated with application specific performance in mind and are designed to deliver exceptional lubrication, helping to reduce operating temperatures, minimize component wear and extend oil change intervals compared to Exxon Mobil’s conventional mineral oil based products.

In fact, Mobil SHC products are endorsed for use in over 5,800 applications by more than 1,100 major equipment builders around the world for exclusive or preferential use.

To learn more about how Mobil Industrial Lubricants can help unleash your productivity and enhance the performance of your company’s equipment, please visit our website.

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